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  If you have a product or service you need customers and those customers are attained via marketing. A website is the most cost effective advertising you can buy.

Here is an example. If you printed color brochures, you could pay thousands of dollars to have it designed and printed. After printing you need to package the brochures (fold, staple or insert in an envelope). Address the brochures with the name you have purchased or gotten from somewhere. Then you need to get it to your customers, at 41 cents for stamps, 10 cents for an envelope you are at just over half a dollar just to mail one brochure. Even with the cheapest printing you would be hard pressed to get the cost below $1 per unit delivered.

Now print a 30 page catalog. Most businesses can not even afford to do it.

Now compare that to a website. You can be online very quickly. In most cases faster than designing and printing that brochure. Today, to host a basic website it will cost you under $20.00 a month. Build your web brochure into hundreds of pages with pictures and immediately have a catalog accessible to anyone with an internet connection. And, it is a 24 hour 7 day a week advertising investment! Now, that is smart marketing!

Today most people turn to the Internet before the yellow pages. If you are not on the internet you are losing business.

There are many other advantages to your website. You can post information about your service or product so people do not have to call you. Every question answered by the web is a call you do not have to take time to answer. In the world of business that is called Productivity Improvement.

Another reason for a website is it gives you a place to publish your business address, even maps how to get there. The Contact Us page is the one of the most important pages on your site, and it should tell your customers everything they need to know to visit you.

Need another reason? It levels the playing field in the eyes of your customers. Even if you are a small business, you can look as professional as big business sites. Your website can rival the largest web business sites.

So what is your plan for a professional website?

Create your own
You can do this very easily and quickly if the Hosting Company has a great site builder.  If you can click a mouse you can build a great looking website.
Use web development software to develop a site.
This gives you more flexibility but is a little harder.  However if you use a professionally created Web Template you can be up and running in almost the same time as using the online development tools. A Web Template is a complete mini website the you can download and edit the text.  We highly recommend Web Templates because much of the layout has already been designed and that saves time and gives you a great looking site.
Have your site designed
On the surface this appears to be the most expensive alternative.  However, if you factor the time you spend to develop a website as opposed to you working elsewhere to pay for it, the cost may be equal.  If your site is going to sell from a product catalog, or a database you might want to consider a developer. Our recommended developer offers turn key Website designs including hosting and publishing.

Here are the steps to get you business online:

  • Create and register a Domain Name and set up a hosting environment
  • Design your website
  • Publish your site to the Web
  • Publish your company to the world

Ready to go?

Start at our Web Hosting information page and see how easy it really is...

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