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Welcome to the Internet - The Basics

Consulting firms agree that to be successful in today's market you need to have a web presence. Placing your business on the web unlocks the door to new horizons in marketing. However, where do you start.  Large businesses have dedicated personnel to design and support their websites.  Small to medium businesses do not have this luxury. If you are new to creating a website it may seem like an impossible task. We have helped many companies small and large create a successful presence on the web. Let's start with the basics steps in creating your website and why it is a terrific marketing tool.


Domain Names and Hosting - Your Business Web Address

Before you rush out and choose your domain name, you might want to consider some basic logic. In the modern world of the Internet, where people automatically turn to the Web for information, it pays to have a domain name that reflects your site or business.


Website Templates

Use Business Cards

Publish Your Website

A template can be thought of as a pre-made Website giving you everything you need to start adding your information right away.


One of the best Marketing Programs you can ever have is a quality Business Card with your Website address included.


Appear on Google, Yahoo! and all the Internet’s other top search engines, local directories, and yellow pages. Great Marketing Program!


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How To Create A Website